How do I know if my property is considered a Heritage Property?

    The Township is currently in the process of creating a municipal Heritage Registry that lists properties of historical interest. 

    Property owners have been mailed a letter advising them that their property is historically of interest and can be added to the register. 

    A Public Information Meeting will be held on May 26th at 7:00 P.M to discuss the process of creating a Heritage Registry and will be an information session for property owners of historical properties. More information about the meeting can be found here.

    After the public consultation period, the proposed register will go to Council for approval and final approved register will be posted to the Township's website. You can find the proposed register to go to Council here. 

    Is my property designated or non-designated?

    Designated properties are protected under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act or as part of a Heritage Conservation District under Part V. In the Township of Puslinch, there are not currently any designated properties.

    Non-designated properties have architectural or historical significance. All of the properties listed on the register have listed status. The final Heritage Register will be posted to the Township's website once it has been approved by Council. The draft register is available here. 

    What does it mean to have a non-designated property on the Register?

    Non-designated properties (often referred to as listed properties) are not regulated by a municipal by-law but must be approved by Council for inclusion on the Municipal Heritage Register.

    Properties that have non-designated status have interim protection from demolition in which sixty (60) days notice must be provided to Council of any intention to demolish or remove a building or structure. 

    How are properties added to the Heritage Register?

    Properties are evaluated using the criteria established in the Ontario Heritage Act, Ontario Regulation 9/06. The Heritage Committee researches the properties and determines if they would be a suitable candidate for the Register.

    The owner of the proposed property to be added to the Register will be contacted prior to the Register being presented to Council. Once Council has approved and the property is added to the Register; confirmation will be provided to property owners impacted by a change to the Register within thirty (30) days of Council approval. 

    If my property is non-designated, can I renovate my property?

    Yes, a non-designated status does not restrict building permit applications to renovate a structure. 

    Heritage properties with non-designated status have interim protection from demolition. Owners must provide 60 days notice of their intent to demolish any non-designated property on the municipal register. This notification initiates a council process where the Heritage Committee evaluates the cultural heritage value of the site in accordance with the Ontario Heritage Act, Ontario Regulation 9/06, and then provides a recommendation to council. The Heritage Committee can recommend that buildings be designated under the Act, or that they be demolished. While the Committee provides their assessment of a property’s heritage value, the decision is ultimately made by Council.